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Your Miami Beach Condo Selling Guide

Sell Your Miami Beach Condo for Maximum Profit

In the Miami Beach real estate market, competition can be intense. As such, if you're trying to sell your Miami Beach condo for the possible price, you have to plan things very carefully. An easier way to sell your condo for an amazing profit is by partnering up with a REALTOR® who knows this market better than anyone.

With better than 15 years of experience selling top-dollar real estate in Miami Beach, my team and I would love to use my expertise, extensive marketing strategies, and technological resources to help you achieve the results you deserve.

What Condos are Selling For in Miami Beach


What's My Miami Beach Condo Worth?

The first step to selling your condo in Miami Beach is pricing it correctly. My team and I offer a free property evaluation service to help you find the most competitive listing price for your home! Simply fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible with a detailed condo evaluation for you.

Find Your Home Value

Want a More Successful Condo Sale?

There are endless ways to try and improve your condo's resale value, but let's focus on the ones that actually work. You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars on upgrades or fancy new features to make an excellent return on your investment, and marketing your condo isn't as hard as you think. All you need is an established REALTOR® with a comprehensive online presence. Trust us, when it comes to marketing your property online and in-person, we promise to deliver top-notch results.

Here's What to Do for a Successful Condo Sale

1. KonMari Your Life

By that, we mean thoroughly and completely de-clutter your entire property (and really, your entire life!). Clutter is unattractive, dirty, and will have buyers running out the door to get away from your property. Getting rid of your clutter is the starting point for an expertly staged condo.

2. Do Some Research

While you're taking breaks from cleaning and decluttering your condo, hop on the computer and do a little research. See how the market is behaving (and to that extent, what the economy is up to) to get a realistic idea of how long your condo will take to sell, and what your plan should be.

3. Create a Staging Plan

When it comes to staging your condo to sell, a little goes a long way. There's no need to break the bank when there are several affordable and easy ways to stage your property. It all begins with decluttering (which we already talked about), but I can provide additional resources for staging your home!

4. Accommodate Showings Whenever Possible

Although it may put you on a tighter schedule, try to be flexible with potential buyers scheduling showings. Does a new potential buyer want to see your condo in less than an hour? Pack a quick bag, and get out of there! We recommend having a bag or briefcase of "time-killers" handy just in case! Pack a snack, your computer or a good book, or anything else you need to spend an hour or two away from home for the afternoon.

5. Rent a Storage Locker

As you enter the process of selling your home, try to go ahead and pack up some of your stuff. Not only will this eliminate your excess items and make it easier to stage your home, it'll take less pressure off of you in the long-run (and you'll be thanking yourself when moving day comes along).

Additional Sellers Resources

Take your pick of our complimentary home-selling resources and tools to make your next condo sale a breeze. Have a specific question about selling a condo in Miami Beach that you'd like to talk over with our team? Let's set up a time to grab coffee and talk. Just shoot us an email or give us a call today.

Work With the Miami Beach Real Estate Expert

My team and I have over 13 years experience selling luxury and top-tier condominiums in Miami Beach. Allow us to use our expertise, extensive real estate resources, and cutting-edge marketing strategies to sell your condo for the most amount of money possible. Just give us a call today to get started.

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